On Family

What a great three days!

Branches of the Family Tree

Saturday – Woke up “early” (ok, late) and packed up the dog and some clothes and drove to Madison. It poured rain from Johnson Creek to my mom’s house – which made me glad I learned about driving in torrential downpours when I was in Louisiana! Got to my mom’s new place – which is super nice on the inside! And had the grand tour. Also, a banana.  Mom went to help Drew move 3 boxes (read: carload) into her house until his new place is ready. Then, mom went to work, and Drew and I went to Target and Qdoba.  Just a nice, rainy Saturday.  After I dropped Drew off, I made dinner – during which time I learned the following things:

1) If you want the toaster oven to work, plug it in.

2) If the salt seems to be stuck in the jar – you probably shouldn’t turn it all the way upside down with the lid off, and

3) If you wait until the last minute, you will overcook the chicken, and undercook the rice.  (this is why youre single.com)


Sunday – Family Reunion!

My mom’e family has a reunion in Token Creek every other summer – and it seems that every second reunion (4 years) all the out of state folks make it in! I saw everyone I like except for my Uncle Bret – who is holding it down out in Oklahoma. Or possibly China.  But it was great – my mom, my brother, my favorite cousin, and I hid out near the cupcakes. It was so great. Even Drew had fun!

Drew "having fun"

Current most favorite little cousin - E

Monday – Extended “Family”

If family is people you care about, who you look out for, you can add the family of my former student C to my list.  C’s mom contacted me about a week ago – to see if I would help her get some clothes for the kids for school. Really? You want me to go shopping? No problemo. So, with my reimbursement check in hand, I did my best to support the economy and buy out the children’s section of Target.  Now, I am afraid of how much the shipping is going to be – and a little worried that I may have gone overboard. I just really like buying presents! There were so many cute things! This is not even including all the things I put back! Ah, well.


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