Labor Day Staycation Take 2!

Too many great things happened this weekend! Great Frozen Custard at Leon’s! Great weather for picture taking! Great talking and wandering! Great (ok, awful) movie! Great (ok, good) Indian food! Great wine!  I leave you with more pictures to celebrate my mom’s first visit to Milwaukee in the 2000s! And she leaves her earrings…with me. 🙂

Imposing North Point light house. I love the clouds in this pic.

St Luke's in Bay View seen in September Sunset

Repeating arches in sepia tone

This guy was getting ready for the parade, he did a little smile and dance for the camera. And then it got awkward.

Spiral staircase and fountain in Plankinton Arcade, Hard to capture the depth, but I like the angles!

Fresh fruit cart in the largely abandoned mall. The main source of color.

Ceiling of the Grand Avenue/Plankinton Arcades


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