BFF Bookends Part 1

Sorry for the long hiatus!  Work has been a blur of professional development, learning, meetings, phone calls, and falling into bed absolutely too tired to write.  I spent a lovely weekend with my mom – the highlight of which was lunch at Ironworks Cafe. If you happen to be in the Madison area, I highly recommend stopping by for a meal.  Totally amazing causes to support all around.  We also hit up the Dane County Farmers’ Market, where I added a hunk of Kickin’ Colby from Hook’s Cheese to my already overstuffed cheese drawer.  So yummy!  But this pictures I took were sub par, and I forgot to bring my own camera.  So blogging was a challenge. I have two other posts in the works, but until I figure out how to embed YouTube videos, they’ll stay unpublished.

I went to Michigan!

Anyway – this past weekend has been an excellent kickoff to my favorite month of the year. I went out to Detroit, where my best friend A lives.  She works for the same organization I do, and last year bought a house just outside the city.  This is the first time I have been back to visit in a year.  We did so much great stuff! I find Detroit fascinating from a historical perspective – in terms of the causes and impacts of urban decline in this country. I will say thought, that since the crumbling of Detroit is rooted in man-made financial causes, the visual result is somewhat different than the decline I witnessed in New Orleans.  Less rot and decay, and more like grandeur is a distant memory. You also get some great preservation of monuments (hurricanes are less selective, typically).

Take for example, the Guardian Building.

Some of this Art Deco awesomeness is said to be "Aztec Inspired". Probably some latent colonialism, but it still looks cool.

Of course, I managed to leave my camera battery in the charger, so the pics are liberally stolen from the internet.  I intend to fix this in Part 2.

This building is amazing. This is seriously what it looks like inside.

Rounding out the rest of a super fun weekend were Saturday night at a new piano bar, and two different meals at National Coney Island, coney dogs. Win.

and an amazing Sunday at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.  I love roller coasters, and so does A – it’s actually a big part of how we became friends in the first place.  It was also “Halloweekends” at the park, which meant that there was a Halloween parade and lots of haunted houses and pumpkins around. The weather was kind of grey and cold, but the rain held off until we were pretty worn out. Then, after a quick dinner of chili and root beer floats, we headed home through the Ohio rain.

This is the Maverick. It is the most fun coaster I have ever been on.

The thing that looks like goal posts is a coaster called Wicked Twister. It makes you feel like you are going to be flung headlong into Lake Erie. Amazing!

This was really scary. I went on it twice since I couldn't open my eyes the first time. It earned two pictures.

We’ll be in Newark this week for a conference, then headed back to Milwaukee on Friday for one more weekend of BFF time!


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