2011: Recap and Resolutions

Phew!  2011 has about 13.5 hours left on the clock – what a crazy year!


January: Decided to apply for a new job/transfer – applied to 3 regions and 2 charter networks

February: Withdrew charter applications, BFF visited NOLA one more time

March: Travelled for job interviews to Milwaukee and Chicago, got first sunburn of the year at “The Fly” with Audrey and Heidi.

April: Waiting Game…waiting for job offers…went to Phoenix for a conference, said good bye to SPD team.

May: Job offers in Newark and Milwaukee – took Milwaukee!

The View from Bayview!

June: Rampant packing, good bye pool party thrown by TFA friends, deathly ill but packing, cleaning, and driving

July: First summer since 2005 without TFA Institute!  Move to Milwaukee, travel to Philadelphia, spent b-day eating chicken wings in Philly airport due to epic storm system, travel to Chicago, welcome new 2011 Milwaukee Corps Members.

Inside the Milwaukee Train Station. I love that I can take the train so often now!

August: New job craziness, met Darko and Indira, went to festivals, farmer’s markets, and started new hobbies, went to my first two Brewer’s games, reconnected with college friends.

September: Continued acclimation to Milwaukee, mom visits, me, discovered Sven’s, Indian Summer, reconnected with old SoDak friend.

October: Traveled to Detroit, Sandusky (Cedar Point!), BFF visits Milwaukee, mom visits, Cory’s birthday, Halloween decorations.

November: Traveled to Madison for Thanksgiving, had tumultuous experience with National Managers, but survived and grew from the experience. TFA Thanksgiving at Mitzi’s house.

December: Winter Break in Madison, team dinners, fudge, Darko broke a vase at TJ Maxx, spent last 2 days of 2011 in comatose state.

Heralding the New Year!

My absolute favorite part of the end of the year is resolutions and plans for the new year!  I know some great things will be in store! Last year, I made several resolutions, but the two that stayed with me were to: 1) Stop buying books for myself and use the local library instead, and 2) Go to yoga 3 times per week.

I did great with the first one – I’ve paid about 7.00 in overdue charges over the year, but that balanced against the potential cost if I had purchased every book I read last year seems like a step in a positive direction. I still give books as gifts to the young people in the family, but I work hard to buy from local book shops or companies and be a better steward of the dollars I do spend.

The yoga resolution went well initially. I was going 3 times per week when in town to Life NOLA yoga studio, which I just loved. I decided that I wasn’t going to buy anything to support this hobby – I already own yoga pants and T shirts, and the studio had mats to use. Everything was perfect.  It all fell apart when I moved though, I was really sick and missed my last week of classes in New Orleans, and then it took about 6 weeks to feel settled enough to even look around. Also, yoga is pretty expensive in Milwaukee, and I haven’t been successful in finding a studio that quite fits me. I’m going with Yama Yoga in the 3rd ward now, though I don’t love it – but I am not feeling as strong and healthy anymore, so I know I need something! Got an awesome new mat for Christmas, and bought a new membership yesterday, so I’ll be back on the health train come 1-3!

Thinking about the resolutions I will make for 2012 – some long term, some immediate changes. One will probably be about blogging more!

Leo made a resolution to make new friends. He may need a lesson on avoiding awkwardness.


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