Winter Hiatus

Sooo- despite my initial interest in the 365 day photo project, I simply could not maintain interest. We were visited with an extremely mild winter here in the Brew City – which, as a recent return from 3 years in New Orleans, I appreciated. I had been looking forward to long, cozy snow days, and pictures of the frost patterns on my windows, but it was not to be. We basically had a six month November, featuring gray skies, mud, rain, frost, sleet, and a few handfuls of snow thrown in. It was the perfect impetus to keep my head down, stay in the office, and pray for warmer days. In February, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a MacBook Air (yes, this is the first computer that I have ever owned!) and a Nikon 4300 Psi. Owning the proper tools makes my hobbies so much more enjoyable. So, I return to the blogosphere – hopefully to stay awhile!

Here is the recap of the interesting things that happened since January 1, 2012.

February is a blur – it was my mom’s birthday though! I have the distinct impression I spent a lot of that time trapped in a hotel in Dallas. No photographic evidence survives, which is probably for the best.

March, however…

Bought my camera! Celebrated by taking random pictures of things in my house!

Flowers from a friend- tulips were early this year!

Bought some new toys – and threw out (recycled) the vintage microwave!

If my house was burning down, and my dog was safe, this is the first thing I would grab. No question.

Spent time with family, celebrating my Uncle’s birthday! It feels so great to be in proximity to these events again!

Surrounded by family. :

Went to New York to visit family – and enjoy the early spring!

Marcus Garvey Park in full bloom

Little cousin

Battery Park and Liberty Island. “Give me your poor…”

Went to Morocco with my best friend, and stayed at a resort for the first time. I would have liked more local color, and less sitting around, but all new experiences are good ones, right?

The infinity pool at the resort

Nearby homes…a little contrast

Trekking up into the Atlas mountains!

April –

Went to Alabama for the single most influential experience of my Teach For America staff career!

The scene of Bloody Sunday, Turnaround Tuesday, and the March to Montgomery. Selma, AL

Pie Lab breakfast – proceeds going to the Hero Project. Greensboro, AL

Catfish Capital of the World! Catfish plants provide most of the non-agricultural employment. Also, it’s delicious.

Started having monthly brunches for our teachers and staff!

Breakfast burritos!

Coffee and mimosas!

Followed my mom’s lead and started gardening!

Mom’s been gardening for over a decade now…amazing.

I planted bulbs last fall – my first gardening success!

May –

Celebrated Leo’s 2nd Birthday! (Don’t judge me – look at that face!)

Yes, he got a cake. One of us should be able to eat cake!

It was met with approval.

Went back to South Dakota!

Yes, this is what it looks like. No, it was the best part of my adult life.

Core values.

My school home, always a He Dog Bulldog

Buffalo on the side of the highway. Since I can, I took a u-turn and drove into the grass…

Wide open spaces

And celebrated my brother’s amazing achievement!

The winner!

Scenes from the wacipi

It’s been an incredible five months – looking forward to what the summer will bring!


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