The Road Leads Ever On…

Fine. I’m a cliche. Or something. But that particular line from Tolkien always becomes my mantra when the travel bug begins to bite. I’m not exactly sure what day or time it’s supposed to be right now, but I do know that I’m wide awake. On Sunday, after a slow start, and family brunch, and a lot of good talk, my cousins dropped me off at JFK. Major shout out to Terminal 5, home of the best salad I have ever consumed in an airport, ever. And Dylan’s Candy Bar. Digression.

I boarded my flight at about 5:45 eastern time, and flew to my layover point in Shannon, Ireland. This is the perfect layover airport-just little, big coffee shop, free wifi. It’s pitch dark, the clock says 6:35am, which makes it, Monday? I slept for about an hour. And I’m wide awake. No idea what time it is at home, or where Shannon actually is on a map. But I’m convinced there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Not all who wander are lost. #socliche


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