The Rain is Falling

And it’s making me lazy. Today has been an interesting experience of more “typical” Irish weather. Before today. It rained briefly on the Wednesday of my first week, and rained overnight on my first night in Dublin, but besides that we’ve been “blessed with the weather” with gorgeous sun every day. The last few days it’s been getting steadily cooler, and from the vantage of October 3rd, it appears that fall is going to come anyway.

I’m back in Dublin after a restful day by the water in Galway. The hostel there was nice enough, but very noisy and crowded, so I spent the day exploring all the little shops, drinking coffee and reading near the waterfront. Exactly what you are “supposed to do” on vacation I think. I do think that my sight seeing culminated in he cliffs of Moher and the west of Ireland, so I’m spending today much the same as yesterday, making the preparations to go back to the states, and hiding from the rain.

I did explore some more shops and had a nice little breakfast at Kilkenny Cafe (sorry, all the hostels, the breakfast y’all offer is…very minimal). I’m beginning to wonder if I will be able to fins British style sausages in the states-I think I’ve eaten them for breakfast every day of this trip. I’m thinking of potentially taking the DART train down to Howth for a lovely dinner by the sea tonight, but if the current cold and heavy rain continues, I’ll probably just find a pub, chips, cider, and one more night of traditional music.

This trip has been amazing, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do this. “Embrace travel” was one of my birthday resolutionshisnyear, as was “write more”, and I feel that I’ve taken big steps toward both those goals over the last two weeks. It’s an amazing experience to spend your favorite time of year discovering both new and old favorites, and experiencing just a little more of what the world has. Just like when I was a kid standing on top of the Empire State Building, travel brings the realization of just how vast, diverse, and infinite this world is-every person, every lighted room, is another story, and while it’s impossible to see and do every single thing, I still want to try. (Rainy days make me think, haha)

This is a wonderful invention. I wish I'd snapped one up in Galway, I'm soaked!

This is a wonderful invention. I wish I’d snapped one up in Galway, I’m soaked!


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