Portland in August

is HOT. Ok, so it was record breaking temperatures, and so not totally normal. But dang, guys! It was hot. Heat Index of 102 degrees hot. Here are things you can appreciate about being in a Maine heatwave.

  1. No one will ever complain, ever. That ingrained New England stoicism runs deep. The whole world is melting, zero buildings have a/c and people are just soldiering on about their business.
  2. It’s cooler by the water. It’s cooler on the windward side of islands out in the water. Portland is surrounded by 365 islands, so you can take your pick – get yo self out on the water and your whole outlook improves.
  3. Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. Available on every block, and always the only real antidote you need.

So, keeping all this in mind – there was only one thing to do! Best Friend arrived late Thursday night, and was totally game to re-do everything I had done before. We went to Peaks, of course!

We skipped the bikes (too hot) and rented a golf cart for a few hours – the fastest route to the seaside. We climbed way out onto the rocky coast and watched the sailboats head out with the tide. It was probably 20 degrees cooler there. Ice cream happened again, and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the pier and watching people swim and boat around, before heading back into the swelter of the city.

As we sailed back on the ferry, the sky was darkening – it looked like we were about to get a break from the heat, so after a quick stop for cool drinks, we hopped in an Uber back to the apartment, arriving moments before the downpour began!

That night was a FEAST. We settled on Ri Ru Irish Pub and stuffed ourselves with fresh local seafood. Then we headed over to Vena’s Fizz Lounge for some amazing craft cocktails. The temperature on the street had dropped at least 30 degrees, bringing the joyful summer atmosphere back to Portland. It was a great day, and an amazing night!



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