About the author

29 year old Cancerian-American Nomad (as in, I have lived in a lot of places in the last 9 years, but all in the US – except for a short stint in London – and my birthday is in July).

Currently living in Milwaukee, WI – the proud manager of a education not for profit, a new role that I love with a team I love working with!

Oldest of 3, 5, or 7 depending on how you look at it: 2 brothers D (20) and C (almost 11); two step siblings, M(10) and T(7); and two former step siblings, who I still love dearly T(21) and K(18). Hard to believe we are almost grown!

Owner of Leo – catahoula/german shepherd/aussie shepherd/flavor of the month mix – 16 months old, and spoiled rotten.

Lover of: books, photography, documentaries, travel, Lakota culture, NYC, Mexican food, and cheese curds.

Interested in: education policy; literacy; native issues; economic and political issues; Israeli culture; and british authors

…and now this reads like an online dating profile – nice to meet you!


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